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Sacred sites are places where Native people visit to offer blessings and practice their traditions that guide them and their nations through the generations. There are times when an opposing culture stops that practice to insure that such traditions stop either for unjust gain and/or simply to eradicate differences from their own beliefs. This site exposes such an incident.  The following was taken from a brochure that I had received at home. 

Native Woman


Passamaquoddy Design

Qonasqamkuk Timeline

  • 1604 - The Traditional Capital of the Passamaquoddy Indians is known as Qonasqamkuk.

    • Qonasqamkuk is the Site of General Council Meetings for Area First Nations People and the Site of Large Shell Midden.  It is also an Ancient Place of Worship for the Passamaquoddy and other First  Nations People.

    • Qonasqamkuk is the Sacred Burial Ground for Passamaquoddy Chiefs and is Regarded as a Traditional Place Where,  the Passamaquoddy Quested for Ancestral Strength,  Wisdom, and Spiritual Guidance.

    • The Passamaquoddy People Greeted Champlain at Qonasqamkuk.

  • 1780's - The Passamaquoddy Provided Winter Refuge for American Loyalists,   Who agreed to Pay 25 Pounds for the Winter Stay.

  • 1783 - Loyalists Commenced Settlement and Brought Surveyors onto Our Land.   Historically,  Our People Attempted to Protect the Sanctity and Prevent the Settlement of Our Land,  By Detaining the Trespassing Surveyors.

  • 1784 - Loyalists Cut down The Passamaquoddy Cross and Destroyed the Place of Worship For Passamaquoddy.

  • 1785 - American Loyalists Force Passamaquoddies from Qonasqamkuk and Establish St. Andrews.

    • American Loyalists Withhold the Agreed Payment from Passamaquoddies.

    • Passamaquoddies Are Forced to Reside in St. Andrews in Areas Designated as "Indian Encampments."

  • 1854 - Passamaquoddies Petition the Province of New Brunswick for an Investigation into the Illegal Taking of Passamaquoddy Land.

  • 1900's - Passamaquoddy Burial Grounds Desecrated by Town Sanctioned Construction.

    • St. Andrews Bulldozes and Destroys Sacred Sweet Grass Area Used by Our People in ceremonies and Traditional Basket Making.

  • 1992 - St. Andrews Town Officials Take Passamaquoddies to Court to Quiet Title (Legally Sanctioned Theft) to 100 Acres at Indian Point.

Since the Beginning the Passamaquoddy people have Continued to Lodge Grievances and Take Action about the Injustices and the Illegal Taking of Our Land,  to No Avail.  The St. Andrews Town Officials continue this Illegal Practice in Their Quest to Seize the Remaining Land,   With Full Knowledge That They Were Never Legally Entitled to Passamaquoddy Land.............Tahu.

How Can You Help?

  • Learn the Facts  - Expose & Stop Aboriginal Genocide

  • Stop the Unjust Profiting from Stolen Land - Spend Your Vacation Dollars Elsewhere

  • Join the Passamaquoddy Land Claim Efforts in Person, Word And/or Deed

  • Express Your Outrage - Call & Write Government Officials

  • Contribute to the Passamaquoddy Qonasqamkuk Legal Fund

If you have questions, ideas, comments, need further information or wish to contribute services, funds or other contact:

Passamaquoddy Nation in Qonasqamkuk (Saint Andrews)

In Office:

Chief Hugh Akagi

Councilor Rita Fraser

Address:      62 Princess Royal
                      Saint Andrews NB
                      Canada E5B 2A5

Telephone:  506 - 529 - 4657
Fax:               506 - 529 - 4160
The office opened on November 21, 2005 hours of operations are:
      Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 4:30
      Friday from 1:30 to 4:00 (as we take Language in the morning)

St. Andrews Passamaquoddy Nation Needs Your Support

The Sanctity of Our land Is the Foundation of Our Tribal Dignity.   From Time Immemorial,  Native People Have Regarded Their lands as Sacred Places Where We Bury Our Ancestors,  Hold Ceremonies,  Gather Sustenance,   Harvest Sweet Grass,  Raise Our Families and Preserve Our Culture and Traditions.

Qonasqamkuk, the Traditional Chief Passamaquoddy Village located at Indian Point, is now called St. Andrews.

St. Andrews Has Been Illegally Seized,  Developed,  Sold,   Transferred,  Leased and Desecrated Without the Consent of the Passamaquoddy.

We seek the Return of Undeveloped Portions of Land Remaining at Indian Point and an Acknowledgement That Our Rights to this Land Has Never Been Surrendered.

The Passamaquoddy Call upon You to Assist Us in Our Plight to Remain Physically & Spiritually Connected to Our Sacred Land and Buried Ancestors.

Help Us Stop the Environmental Degradation of Our Sacred Homeland.

PFF -- Author Unknown - Brochure did provide these initial and I believe it is the author's initials. Information was slightly edited by webmaster.

This site is not an official page.  This site is not funded nor supported by the Passamaquoddy Nations.  I am only doing my part in helping with this land claim.  I believe sacred places need to be returned to the Native peoples to practice tradition and gather medicine. 

Sacred Site Articles and Info

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Traditional Passamaquoddy Homeland
A description of how the Passamaquoddies lived for many generations in this area as opposed to the newcomers who have destroyed and limited the Passamaquoddies way of life that had lasted for over 500 generations. A map is included to show the extent of the lands taken by the newcomers.

Mi'kmaq / Maliseet / Passamaquoddy Integrated Natural Resource Management Policy

Resolution In Support of the Rights of Wolustukwiyik, MiKmaq and Passamaquoddy People in New Brunswick to Crown Land Resources

Quoddy Loop Info



A must read for Dept. of Interior officials.....

Discovering The Sacred Land Film Project


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